Bridging the gap between owners and contractors.

Our Services

Project Design Development

PCSInfra assists our clients in focusing on design deliverables that reduce quantity and constructability risks while maximizing design staff time and talent.

Contract Review

A well-written contract is the cornerstone to a successful project. To achieve a comprehensive contract, PCSInfra reviews every document thoroughly for each project to understand the proposed project in its entirety. We identify potential ambiguities and areas of unnecessary risks, presenting these to the client in a summary format for ease of understanding, use and distribution.

Project Estimating

PCSInfra provides full service project estimation using HCSS Heavy Bid. We quantify and price all aspects of construction including steel and concrete bridge structures, earthworks, maintenance of traffic, drainage, utilities, demolition, etc. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in all regions of the USA and Canada includes understanding how the final price is affected by both regional workforces and material availability.

Proposal Services

A fresh perspective and point of view is vital to a winning proposal. PCSInfra provides assistance in writing portions of technical proposals including construction methodology and third party coordination, as well as providing a complete review and critique all proposal sections.

Post Award Services

We understand that work has just begun once the contract is awarded. PCSInfra firmly believes that a project’s success occurs during the first six months past contract award. During this time, we transition into the project startup phase, integrating with the construction or design team to assure a seamless transfer of information, effectively eliminating a new project learning curve.

Risk Identification Services

Our team has participated in all phases of project development, including insurance, bonds, owner negotiations, design, estimation, construction, change orders and project close out. As a result, PCSInfra is able to compile a risk profile from bid and design work that we have developed or via a third party review. Our unbiased observations offer clients the assessment required to understand project risk from a variety of perspectives.

Why us?

“With our construction background and overall knowledge of the alternate delivery process, PCSInfra provides the know-how to get the job done. This is a major strength of our organization. We are proud to be able to provide a unique perspective and valuable “lessons learned” that benefit all of our clients. Our team is dedicated to making the entire process more efficient, working towards minimizing or eliminating the learning curves we have encountered during our collective careers. Ultimately, PCSInfra will leverage our construction experience in order to give our clients a greater chance of success over the life span of the project and overall program.”

– Christian Peich